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Fans of 8-bit music

8-Bit Video Game Music
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This community is for fans of bleepy bloopy video game soundtracks from the 8-bit era and earlier. It's not just about NES music, either, you can talk about any game soundtrack as long as it's bleepy and bloopy and lo-fi, like the good ol' days. Additionally, you can talk about video game remixes here as long as they are remixes of songs from the 8-bit era and earlier. Finally, I will also allow discussion of artists who do not make game music, but use NESs and Gameboys in the creation of their music, like Bit Shifter and other such artists.


1.) No off-topic posts, please. It is the moderator's descision to determine what is off-topic and what is not. I will delete any posts I deem to be so.

2.) No immature flaming or personal attacks here.

3.) Be nice, have fun.

-This Community was created and is moderated by lunar_vagrant